Playful Upholstery Ideas

With the arrival of warmer weather we thought it was a wonderful time to inject colour and joy into homes with some playful upholstery ideas. Bernie suggests letting loose and opting for vivid fabrics that give old furniture a modern twist.

Upholstered Headboard: Add a fun print to your bedroom with an upholstered headboard, there are a variety of stunning fabrics to choose from.

Feature Ottoman: Inject a splash of colour into a living room with a feature ottoman. Tie in a solid colour sofa by adding throw cushions covered in the same fabric or similar shades.
Old to New: Modernise Victorian furniture with vibrant, bold fabrics to create a quirky modern look.

Geometric Shapes: Covering armchairs with colourful geometric shapes is a great way to create a retro modern style in a room.

Mix and Match: A sofa which has a mix of solid and patterned parts can be arranged to create a ‘tidy’ look or moved around to create a joyful, colour-messy interior.

The Retro Revival

Retro colours, prints and furniture are making a comeback. Take the colour, orange. The colour was huge in the 1960s, with splashes of sunshine orange found in cube and circle motifs on walls, lounges, curtains and lamps. It then found itself on the uncool colour chart in the late ’70s.

The colour is now popular again. Taubmans colour editor Zinta Jurjans Heard says the appeal is that it’s a challenging, dominating colour and we can’t resist being drawn to it. “Burnt oranges complement neutral tones and khakis. They add warmth and create a cocoon feel.”

Working with bold colours can be intimidating. At Ferrari Interiors we have access to a broad range of fabric suppliers at our fingertips and many years of design experience. For assistance with upholstery ideas please contact Bernadette Ferrari on 0417 088 602.