Reap the Rewards of Revamping your Investment Property

Updating your investment property’s colour scheme, lighting and room layout will make it much more appealing to a wide range of potential buyers/ renters, and does not have to cost a fortune.

First off, when revamping your investment property it is important to consider what will appeal to the market. Here are a few basic tips to steer you in the right direction.

Space and Light: It is best to paint the walls a soft neutral tone to create the illusion of space and light. It also helps the potential buyer to imagine their furniture in the space. To prevent things from looking too bland create an accent wall with bold colours.

Revive the Kitchen: The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the property. If it looks tired it may put the prospective buyer or renter off. To keep costs down, cupboard doors can be painted or varnished, taps and handles replaced, and a new bench top fitted.

Bathroom Bliss: Fresh white bathrooms are in vogue, so if your bathroom is looking a little dowdy in peach, avocado or brown, a repaint should be high on your ‘to do list’. A bathroom is carefully inspected by potential buyers and renters, so it is worth investing in.

Set the Scene: Lighting can totally transform a property by creating a warm inviting atmosphere and changing the look of the space. Multiple table lamps can be used to cast small cosy pools of light, while low suspended pendant lights can make a room appear taller. Create the illusion of space by placing a mirror opposite a window to reflect the light. Restoring beautiful old fireplaces can also add thousands of dollars to a property.

Well furnished rental properties also generally attract higher rents which is why Ferrari Interiors’ customised apartment packages are in strong demand. Designed, delivered and installed down to the last cushion. Bernie and her team can come onboard to assist with a single room or provide a complete turn-key fit out.

For assistance with revamping your investment property please contact Bernadette Ferrari on 0417 088 602.