Shop style: 5 tips for styling your store

Aside from styling homes and apartments for both a passion and a career, I’m passionate about well-styled shops. Whether they are cafes or gift-stores, florists or clothes-shops, cleverly thought-out designs can boost both business and productivity.

1. Let your products do the talking. I’m a strong advocate of simple, white walls in stores. These are fresh, help make a room feel light and spacious, and enable your products to speak for themselves.

2. Floor space is money. Invest in smart shelves and cabinets to show off your products. Think strategically about the layout: can you see people when the enter the store and can they see you; are products easy to reach but far enough from the ground to stay safe from little ones; how about quirky extras like magnetic walls or large chalkboards?

3. Make it tactile. We all love being able to touch and play with products. I know that when I’m out shopping, I’m always picking up products to see how they feel. Makes sure there are plenty of ways your customers can interact with your goods – if you sell food, you may want to set up tasting areas, or if you sell books, how about setting up a couch for your customers to relax on whilst choosing the book they like best? If you’re a homewares store, always have a display product for people to handle – we all like testing before we buy!

4. It’s all about the packaging. How often do you buy a bottle of wine simply for the packaging? Or how about a box of tissues, a tub of yoghurt or a chocolate bar? First impressions count, and just as we choose our every day items according to how they look and our budget, so too do we choose where we shop. Make the exterior of your shop as enticing as possible. Place wicker baskets full of your goods near the door, invest in great signage to make your shop stand out, and put time into setting up your window displays – get professional help with this is necessary. They really are the packaging of your business and play a huge role in enticing your customers inside!

5. No employees like feeling cooped up all day. Make sure you have plenty of natural light streaming into your store. Lighting scented candles, arranging french bunches of flowers and playing upbeat music are also ways of creating a sanctuary for both your staff and your customers.

If you’d like help styling your store, get in touch. We’d love to be able to help your business grow.

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All images from our Pinterest page – including our Shop Style board.