Florals are ‘in’ for Spring!

With Spring just around the corner it’s time to escape the wintry rainclouds and frosty winds by welcoming a fresh Spring trend that will be hard to avoid – floral, floral and more floral.

Flowers were sprouting all over the 2014 Spring/Summer fashion runways, Dior especially embraced this trend with a greenhouse style canopy encasing their catwalk. But the runway isn’t this only place florals will be flourishing the Spring, they will play a big part in the interior design world as well.

This Spring we’re going to see floral prints incorporated into many homewares and accessories including bed linen, rugs, wallpaper and crockery, and all sorts of florals will make up the bouquet. With everything from pretty, intricate designs (think chinoiserie) to big, bold colours and exotic prints, you can choose to decorate according to your favourite florals, whether they’re wildflowers, garden roses or Australian natives. Keep your eye out for brocade, embroidery and tapestry – these textural fabrics are also making a statement this Spring.

It’s time to say goodbye to winter and hello to this fresh Spring style – take a look…

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 Images from here.