The most stylish hair salon we’ve seen

It’s not often the style of the salon that you think about when going to the hairdresser, but it can certainly create an unforgettable experience.

France’s Marseille is a vibrant port city, often known as the ‘city of sea and sun’, but it’s now also home to the cleverly designed ‘Le Coiffeur‘ hair salon’. Hair stylist Pascal Lancien employed designer Margaux Keller and architect Bertrand Guillon to create an elegant yet unconventional design.

We all know that first impressions count, and they were certainly considered in the design of this salon. The huge, matt black steel framed windows great you as you arrive, followed by a calming aqua covering the walls and a sprinkling of hexagon tiles as you enter the salon. The glass pendants were blown in Italy, but many of the fit-out is distinctly ‘seaside France’ in style.

Keller said the “shampoo cabana is inspired by the cabins of Marseille fishermen, the mix of concrete and tile on the shop floor is also a nod to Provençal tradition.”

The result is a uber chic salon that not only perfectly fits the seaside city in which it resides, but also stands confidently out from its surrounds. Take a look!


Le-Coiffeur-Hair-Salon-in-Marseille-by-Margaux-Keller-and-Bertrand-Guillon-17-1000x613 Le-Coiffeur-Hair-Salon-in-Marseille-by-Margaux-Keller-and-Bertrand-Guillon-20 Le-Coiffeur-Hair-Salon-in-Marseille-by-Margaux-Keller-and-Bertrand-Guillon-21-1071x613

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Photos by Laure Mélone.