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How to design the interior of my small studio apartment

Small apartment living is not unusual in big cities.  Small spaces are not conducive with big changes.  You may not have many options of where to place your sofa, or to purchase a larger dining table to fit all your guests, but you can make small changes that will make a big impact.  If you are looking for ways to design the interior of your small apartment, follow the tips below.

Flinders St apt

Flinders Street Apartment

Map it out:

Instead of dwelling on the small amount of space you have to work with, map out your space and focus on what you do have.  Taking time to map out various options for furniture placement will give you a good idea of flow and functionality.  When planning the layout of a room consider the traffic flow – how will people move around the apartment?  The placement of windows will also help determine where furniture is positioned.

Always start with the sofa:

A common decorating mistake is purchasing an oversized sofa, which will make an apartment feel cramped.  Low-back sofas paired with an armchair or ottoman for extra seating work well in small spaces.  It is also advisable to select a durable leather sofa that is easy to clean, especially when furnishing a rental property.

Toorak apt

Toorak Apartment

Distinguishing spaces and flooring:

Place the same quality flooring throughout an apartment, taking it outside onto a balcony or courtyard.  This will help make a space flow.  To distinguish living areas, use decorative rugs and create strong focal points, such as a key piece of furniture, a feature wall, adding a striking light or chandelier, a piece of art or a window with a beautiful view.

Lighting and space:

In confined areas it is best to avoid table lamps that have large shades.  Use accent lights to draw attention to a special feature in an apartment, and task lights to illuminate work areas such as a desk or kitchen bench top.  When it comes to small apartment living, always maximise natural light as this helps to open up a room.

Parque apt

Parque Apartment

Importance of multifunctional furniture:

To make the most of every square inch of space, select multifunctional furniture.  For example, stylish ottomans can be utilised as storage space and as extra dining chairs when friends and family pop around for dinner.

Mirrors and increasing your space:

Mirrors can create an amazing illusion of space.  When selecting a mirror for an apartment, think big.  The bigger the mirror, the more light it can reflect.  The positioning of the mirror is equally important. Make sure that it reflects something with depth, or a decorative painting.

Southbank apt

Southbank Apartment

Make the space personal with accessories:

Add personal touches to an apartment by displaying artefacts and special pieces collected on travels.  Find a special spot for a treasured family heirloom and create a photo feature wall by grouping together an assortment of complementary frames.

Layer textured throw cushions and rugs in your favourite colours.  The success of interior design is all in the details.

For help in designing your small studio apartment, contact Bernadette.

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Celebrity Insider: Meghan Markle’s fashionista Toronto Home

Californian-born Meghan Markle rose to fame thanks to her role in hit America TV series, Suits. She has since returned to the spotlight due to her romantic relationship with none other than Prince Harry of Wales. The 35-year old actress and humanitarian is currently based in Toronto and regularly shares vignettes of her home via her Instagram account.

We could be mistaken for thinking Markle works in the fashion industry: her tables decorated with fashion books and a closet solely for her impressive heel collection. Complementing most of these stacks of books are vases of fresh flowers – some even picked from her own garden.

Markle also appreciates fine art, with a nude, watercolour Inslee Fariss piece hanging above the bed and a Gray Malin print in her living room. Throughout the home, white is the dominant colour used for much of the decor and furniture, but touches of rustic timber furniture provide texture and character… as do her two adopted dogs! Take a look…

1175431-1_og 1175432-1_og 1175433-1_og 1175434-1_og 1175435-1_og 1175436-1_og 1175437-1_og 1175439-1_og 1175440-1_og 1175441-1_og 589942fa00e75_203

Images: Instagram.com/meghanmarkle and here.

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Celebrity Insider: Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s Manhattan Loft

With floor-to-ceiling windows in every room, including the bathroom, the views are just as spectacular as the apartment itself in this celebrity home.

Moving into a larger home, sports star Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bündchen are selling their 48th floor Flatiron home, designed by architect Peter Marino.

Framed by glass walls, the 4 bedroom home boasts views of the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, the Statue of Liberty, and the Hudson and East Rivers. The 3,310 square foot space even includes a floating marble tub in the master ensuite – perfect for looking out over the New York skyline.

The building’s four uppermost floors are owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch and house an around-the-clock doorman, a private screening room, a private dining room with a full catering kitchen, and a gym fitted out with a lap pool and steam room.

Take a look at this loft-like space, which was listed for $17.25 million…

tom-brady-gisele-bundchen-loft-1tom-brady-gisele-bundchen-loft-3 tom-brady-gisele-bundchen-loft-4

Images from here.


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