The 2015 Christmas decorating trends

As we approach the peak of the festive season, it’s time to finalise our Christmas decorations and plan our table setting for the all-important feast. Yet, how do we choose which colours, styles or theme to use this year? Traditional red and green? Glitzy glamour? Swedish cool?

To help, we’ve narrowed down the three key trends for 2015’s Christmas styling – each one creating a very different festive feel. Take a look below and see which Christmas decorating style you’re attracted to for 2015…


Decorate your home for Christmas in sparkling gold and it will be ready to go for New Year’s Eve too! Gold contrasts particularly well with black or white backdrops and can be introduced in the subtlest of ways such as the DIY feather decorations below, through to stand-out statement pieces like oversized, glitzy baubles. Decorating with gold adds glamour and drama to a space.
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Black and white is always in style and when paired with deep, pine green, the result is pure sophistication. This theme means you need to make minimal edits and updates to your existing decor, simply adding touches of black and white decorations and that all-important Christmas tree and/or wreath. Monochrome is a high-impact and timeless way to dress a space.


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Who said Christmas decorating had to be in traditional red and green? Whether you have children at home or not, celebrate playful youthfulness with rainbow coloured decorations. From pom-pom wreaths to pastel sisal trees, you’re only limited by your imagination in this whimsical theme. Decorating with colour uplifts and invigorates the spirits while promoting creativity.

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