The 2017 Dulux Colour Forecast – Antidote: A Colour Cure

The coming year’s colour forecast has been unveiled by Dulux. ‘Antidote: A Colour Cure’ includes four distinct trends, Sentience, Chroma, Entwine and Construc, which Dulux says is a ‘restorative remedy to the pressures of modern life through connection, tactility and balance’. The colour palette of each trend encapsulates texture, depth and vibrancy to replenish the senses and provide a fresh perspective along with previewing several never-seen-before Dulux colours.

The Sentience trend re-discovers colours which are soothing and tonal, providing relief from the pressure of screens and monitors. Tactile moments are savoured and the inherent nature of materials is celebrated. The Sentience palette features warm, flesh tones and vegetal hues including Dulux Humble Fawn, Pinkham, Wasabi and Centre Dust.

Reviving colour stimulation and excitement, Chroma breaks up repetition with vivid and chromatic tones. Post-modern and retrospective references are present but indistinct, as the trend remains highly contemporary and accessible. Illusions are created through linework, block colour, graphic elements and dominant forms. Chroma’s palette is comprised of bold and saturated shades including Dulux Baby Melon, Deep Arctic, Red Capital and Hay Wain.

Meanwhile, Entwine provides a colourful link to a global context, bridging diverse cultures and philosophies. Forging a connection between tradition and modernity, the trend focuses on the simplicity of weaving and its unique heritage, representative of acceptance and tolerance. The Entwine palette is inspired by landscapes from South American to the Middle East, featuring rich ethnic colours including Dulux Carmen Miranda, Gold Pheasant, Forest Fruit Pink and Complex Blue.

Finally, a solid foundation inspires the Construct trend, a fusion of luxurious and industrial elements. A subtle, tonal palette creates depth and atmosphere, whilst accentuating architectural details. A graduated palette is showcased by the Construct trend, featuring Dulux Grey Master, Ahoy, Hauraki Gulf and soon to be released Metal Shimmer effects.

Take a look…

Specifier - Chroma2

Specifier - Entwine2 Specifier - Construct1