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The best of the 2017 Melbourne Spring Racing marquees

It might be easy to forget that the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is actually about horse racing – with the focus increasingly on frocks, food and marquees.

We’re not complaining though as it’s always fun to see inside what is dubbed the “the most lavish temporary facility on the planet”: The Birdcage at Flemington Racecourse.

Spanning the size of 65 tennis courts, this huge complex becomes home to marquees from brands including Myer, Mumm and Emirates, each trying to go one up on the other.

So let’s take a look at four of this year’s stand outs…


If you suffer a fear of flying or a dislike for aeroplanes, you might like to stay clear of the Emirates marquee this year. It features a fully functioning replica lounge of its A380 plane. Chat with stewardesses and sip on champagne as you check out the best in on-board service and style.1509599732363 (4)

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Set across a three level space designed by Joost Bakker, Lexus’ marquee pulls out all the stops. Have a perfume custom made by a MECCA fragrance specialist, dine on treats from famous pâtissière Nectar & Stone, and have your portrait taken by renowned Australian photographer Hugh Stewart. This one’s all about making the race-goers feel like stars. 1234660-1_og 1234668-1_og


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The Mumm marquee this year was certainly the talk of the town, with its $2.2 million yacht on show. Themed on the French Riviera, this marquee is all about the art of celebration. Inside the vessel, guests can enjoy private tastings of Mumm’s specialty Melbourne Cup cocktail ‘Le Mistral’, while singers, dancers, acrobats and DJs will perform a specially curated show, ‘Voyage Nautique’. 59faaa03137c8_gettyimages_869183552_59faa92465e3e

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Taking inspiration from its Italian heritage, the Neale Whitaker-designed Lavazza marquee is all about the romance and sophistication of mid 19th century Italian design. The white facade, archways, grand staircase, velvet furniture and of course the brands’ signature espresso martinis, provide an opulent experience for discerning race-goers.

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