The modern day farmhouse

A resourceful American couple wanted a change from their everyday lives, and as a result has made many of our dreams their reality – owning a working farm.

During the 2008 global financial crisis Molly and Eric Glasgow found themselves in London after following Eric’s job as an oil trader around America. They decided they needed a change so they moved with their two young sons from London to Martha’s Vineyard Island, Massachusetts, and reinvented an organic farm and dairy.

The old dairy had been out of action since 1961, and it needed some work. The Glasgows gave it an overhaul, keeping parts of the original barn but adding certain aspects, including affinage cages for cheese, and solar panels which were also added to other buildings on the property. ‘Grey Barn and Farm’ is now a fully-functioning, certified organic business and lifestyle. Their cows are 100% grass fed and their heritage-breed pigs and many hens rely on the extensive garden for food. The Glasgows now sell their products daily at a cellar-door style stall on their farm. Although this took a lot of work it was the farmhouse in which the Glasgow’s now live that required the most attention.

Built from scratch, architect Mark Hutker drew inspiration from the barns dotted around the property and combined this with Molly’s visions of a rustic European look – the colours, the weather, the sense of design. They’ve re-used materials wherever possible, building the frame with old timber from a barn in North Carolina and using trees from the farm to construct the ceilings and counters. The interior is painted almost entirely in a fresh white, apart from coloured feature walls in the boys’ rooms. The result is a cozy and traditional, but contemporary farmhouse, built to withstand the family’s busy lifestyle.

With their organic products, and a rustic yet modern farmhouse, the Glasgows exemplify the modern day farm lifestyle.

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