The modern, serene and intimate Hotel Minho

Hotel designs just keep getting more creative and unique.

We recently discovered Hotel Minho in Portugal, which describes itself as a “symbol of an intimate and leisure modern concept”.

But what exactly does that mean?

To answer this, let’s look at how and why the hotel became what it is today.

Hotel Minho was built in 2006 and last year underwent a renovation and extension project to enhance the hotel’s focus on leisure and rural escape.

The hotel sits amongst woodland, which is one of the main drivers of tourism in the area, so its design, both inside and out, was intended to blend seamlessly into these surrounds.

Locally-sourced wood is the centrepiece of the hotel’s design, often paired with white Carrara marble and white walls.

However, in some areas the walls, floors and ceiling are all clad in this chestnut wood.

The result is a strong interior full of warmth and character and a sense of being immersed in nature.

The new design rejected anything trend-driven and to achieve this, several items of furniture, lighting, upholstery and spa features were custom designed or sourced from vintage stores.

The hotel features business areas, a tea room, wine bar, spa treatment rooms, various social areas and of the 65 rooms, five are suites are independent of the hotel, again playing on the concept of a rural escape.

Take a look…
Destin-Hotel-MINHO-Virgula-i-1-600x338 Destin-Hotel-MINHO-Virgula-i-1a-600x338 Destin-Hotel-MINHO-Virgula-i-2-lounge-600x400 Destin-Hotel-MINHO-Virgula-i-2a-600x400 Destin-Hotel-MINHO-Virgula-i-3-600x400 Destin-Hotel-MINHO-Virgula-i-4-wine-bar-600x400 Destin-Hotel-MINHO-Virgula-i-5-tea-room-600x400 Destin-Hotel-MINHO-Virgula-i-6-600x400 Destin-Hotel-MINHO-Virgula-i-7-600x400 Destin-Hotel-MINHO-Virgula-i-8-600x400 Destin-Hotel-MINHO-Virgula-i-9-600x313 Destin-Hotel-MINHO-Virgula-i-10-600x338 Destin-Hotel-MINHO-Virgula-i-11-600x338 Destin-Hotel-MINHO-Virgula-i-11a-600x400 Destin-Hotel-MINHO-Virgula-i-11b-600x400 Destin-Hotel-MINHO-Virgula-i-12-600x338 Destin-Hotel-MINHO-Virgula-i-13-600x400 Destin-Hotel-MINHO-Virgula-i-14-600x400

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