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Three breath-taking runway sets from the Spring 2018 shows

As you well know, the interiors and fashion worlds are closely related. What we see on the catwalk – and indeed on the runway sets too – often reflects what is happening in the interiors industry, and vice versa. With this in mind, we have explored the very best sets from the Spring Summer 2018 Fashion showings to bring you three standouts – two that are futuristic and edgy in design, while the third is quintessentially Spring-themed.

If we think about how these looks will play into how we style our homes in the coming months, we expect to see lots of metallics and sequins along with bright, bold floral prints. Take a look…

Dior Spring Summer 2018

Taking inspiration from the space age, Dior’s runway set for Spring Summer 2018 was simply ‘mirror everything’. Assembled in mosaics, the mirror fragments reflected the bold colours of the couture on show and, according to Dior, took 80 people 20 days to create, using 80,000 pieces of mirror. The result is literally dazzling.

fashion-week-sets-dior-1506522441defile-pap-printemps-ete-2018-best-of Dior-Spring-Summer-2018-Collection-Runway-Pictures

Images: Getty & Dior

Coach Spring Summer 2018

Also inspired by all things that glitter, Coach’s runway set for the 2018 Spring Summer season looked like a floor to ceiling galaxy of sparkling stars. The couture brand engaged set designer Stefan Beckman to create a runway inspired by the evening lights of New York city, complete with rooftops, mailboxes and a car. The set complemented the apparel shown on the catwalk perfectly, with its metallic, sequins and burnished hardware features.


Coach RTW Spring 2018coach-10Images: WWD and New York Times

Tory Burch Spring Summer 2018

In stark contrast with the dark and mysterious New York night-inspired set of Coach, Tory Burch’s 2018 Spring Summer collection was shown outdoors in the garden of the Smithsonian Design Museum. The foliage backdrop was designed in collaboration with landscape designer Miranda Brooks and was the perfect way to showcase the bold floral prints on show in the apparel. Tory says she was inspired by the celebrated interior decorator David Hicks, borrowing his floral and geometric motifs for prints across her dresses and tunics.

We wonder if this set was also inspired by Tory’s Hamptons manor and gardens


Tory Burch RTW Spring 2018tory-burch-rs18-3931 (1)

14REVIEW-INYT4-superJumbo tory-burch-rs18-3988 maxresdefaultImages: The Fashion Spot & Tory Burch