What’s new in the world of design: July 2016

Welcome to our new monthly series – ‘What’s new in the world of design’. We’ll bring you the latest in innovative product releases, creative collaborations and inspiring design events each month. To start us off, this month we’re featuring peel off wallpaper through to an Australian fashion exhibition.

1. We all know that fashion informs interior design and vice versa. So we’re very excited by the NGV exhibition ‘200 Years of Australian Fashion’, which is on now until July 31. The collection features more than 120 pieces from over 90 designers, making it the first major survey of Australian fashion to be undertaken in Australia.

From the early dressmaking establishments of Brisbane to the mid-century salons of Collins Street, to the contemporary studios by Bondi’s beaches, 200 Years of Australian Fashion traverses over two centuries of fashion design in Australia.

It features pieces from private collections, from external collections like the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney, and from contemporary designers such as Dion Lee, Ellery, Romance Was Born and Toni Maticevski. In fact, the exhibition is so extensive, it’s staged across four galleries. It even features weekend pop-up design talks, designer-led workshops and a symposium exploring the question, ‘What is Australian fashion?’.

PUBL007284 PUBL007283200-Years-of-Australian-Fashion-NGV-Yellowtrace

2. Described as the ‘world’s first true wireless surround’ with no power cord and no speaker cable, DECT Technology’s ONEclassic speakers are a completely transparent cabinet audio speaker. The speakers are made from German acrylic plastic, which not only looks great but helps to dampen the sound and stop it from bouncing inside the speaker.

ONEclassic_whiteBG ONEclassic-speakers-01

3. The Australian designer Ross Didier has launched a new collection – First Bite – inspired by dreams of decadent pastries, bursts of colour and fine dessert extravagance.

The collection also supports food through the not-for-profit SecondBite. Didier explains, “Food connects us to one another – you to me, and me to you. It tells us we are human, we are equal, and that we share the same needs, same sweet delights. It exists in the clouds so we wish to balance by supporting SecondBite, an organisation endeavouring to provide all Australians access to fresh food. Take the first bite into a piece from our decadent design collection, and the second bite is shared with someone who can really use one.”

Our pick of the collection are the Gelava Chairs – moulded from cold cured polyurethane foam, which removes the need for internal framing or hard edges. Didier says his favourite fabric from this range is Kvadrat’s Steelcut 2 because it “evoked the texture of waffled ice-cream cone and kept in theme of the gelato narrative.”

First-Bite-Collection-by-Ross-Didier-Yellowtrace-01 (1)

First-Bite-Collection-by-Ross-Didier-Yellowtrace-02 First-Bite-Collection-by-Ross-Didier-Yellowtrace-03 First-Bite-Collection-by-Ross-Didier-Yellowtrace-05 First-Bite-Collection-by-Ross-Didier-Yellowtrace-09

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4. We’ve never heard of wallpaper inspired by snakes – but there’s a first for everything. ZNAK’s new ‘Tears Off’ wallpaper is designed to mimic the process of snakes shedding their skin. You can tear off pieces of this wallpaper when and where you please. The wallpaper is created with a specially designed perforation. By tearing off pieces of the wallpaper, you can create your own unique space and the colour and texture underneath the wallpaper become a significant element within the design.

znak-wallpaper-1 znak-wallpaper-3 znak-wallpaper-5 znak-wallpaper-6

5 . Australian photographer Brooke Holm is launching her last collection in Australia before she moves indefinitely to New York. Salt and Sky brings together a series of aerial shots captured at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Shark Bay in Western Australia. The exhibition is on until July 7th at Modern Times in Melbourne.

BH_Slide9-1240x800BH_Slide1-1240x800 BH_Slide4-1240x800

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