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What’s new in the world of design: September 2017

With a technology focus this month, we have rounded up the latest and most exciting in technological developments from the design industry. From stylish new apps to clever voice recognition tools and 3D printed vases, there is certainly no shortage of creativity when it comes to technology for the home. Take a read…

1. Gucci Places

Gucci has unveiled its latest project: an ambitious new travel platform called ‘Gucci Places’, which will launch on the brand’s app this month. The new technology will allow users to explore the places that have inspired the brand’s 96-year history along with ‘check in’ to collect badges and explore Gucci-curated itineraries.


2. Paper-torch flashlight

Nendo has partnered with AgIC technology to print an electronic circuit board onto YUPO paper using silver particle ink. Then, two button cell batteries and seven LEDs are glued with a conductive adhesive. The result is a light that shines brighter the tighter you roll it. The paper is durable and water-resistant and can be turned into pendant lights, desk laps, torches and more. Ingenious!

nendo-paper-torch-flashlight-13-810x540 nendo-paper-torch-flashlight-12-810x540 nendo-paper-torch-flashlight-6-810x540 nendo-paper-torch-flashlight-1

3. Google Home

Find out the day’s weather, select and play a show on Netflix on or turn down the lights – it’s all possible via voice recognition thanks to the latest technology from Google: Google Home. In the words of the technology giant:

Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. And with support for multiple users, it can distinguish your voice from others in your home so you get a more personalised experience. It’s your own Google, just for you.

Retailing for $169, we expect to see this clever new device in many homes soon.

Technology meets nature with these new vases by Paris-based Studio Bold. 3D printed and then implanted with natural fibres such as bamboo and coconut – the ‘Poilu Vases’ show what’s possible when you think outside the box. The idea started simply as bringing more texture and tactility into the world of ceramic and developed into these ‘hairy’ and unique pieces.

Aybar_Poilu-vases_Bold-11 Aybar_Poilu-vases_Bold-13 Aybar_Poilu-vases_Bold-1

5. Samsung’s Frame TV

There is no denying that the black screen of a turned off TV is nothing pretty. Samsung has created a solution with the introduction of their ‘The Frame TV‘. They say:

When you’re not watching TV, Art Mode transforms The Frame into a beautiful work of art indistinguishable from the real thing. The Frame includes a free gallery of professionally curated art with 100 free pieces worth thousands of dollars from 10 different categories.

You can buy an individual piece of art to display on this device, or subscribe to a library of established and emerging artists’ work. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can even display your own photos. We like that the frame of this TV really does look like an artwork’s frame – with the choice of difference colours and finishes. The Frame TV retails from $2,799.99.

frametv_multiple_img5_final frametv_img_artmode_new frametv_multiple_img12