Winter 2016’s top four styling trends

As winter draws in, we tend to spend more time at home so it’s a great time of year to invest in some new pieces that are both beautiful and practical. We’ve narrowed down the top four upcoming season’s interior trends to help you plan a new look at home. Take a look…

1. Blush pink

Normally, winter sees rich, jewel tones such as sapphire and ruby as our go-to colours. However, this year pastel pink continues on from summer as a focal tone. This gentle hue creates a sense of calm, which is the reason it was chosen as part of Pantone’s first ever two-tone Colour of the Year for 2016. We’ve seen this pink interpreted into deeper shades with Dulux’s 2016 winter colour forecast, which includes a rich purple and soft mauve. We can expect to see a big focus on pinks and purples in stores this winter.


2. Natural textures

This year, ‘natural’ textures are in, so opt for chunky knits in chalk and tan, suede cushion covers and soft leather lounges. Also, rugs – whether made from natural fibres or faux fur – are a popular way to add warmth to floors or to add a luxurious effect when thrown over an armchair. If you have spare time during the longer winter evenings, why not try to knit yourself a throw using the colours and materials of your choice?

3. Warm-toned metals

We’re seeing reflective metals, particularly brass, copper and steel, as the go-to for finishes and lighting designs this winter. There are a huge number of ways that you can bring these into your home – from tap-ware to cutlery, bowls to lamps. If you’re due for a bathroom or kitchen update, why not try something a little different and invest in golden-toned tap-ware? It adds a touch of ‘glam’ and becomes a statement piece.


4. Soft lighting

As the evenings get darker earlier, lamps create a cocoon effect and are much more ambient than the classic overhead lights. There is such a wide range of lamps available these days, but the timeless designs of a large glass base with a classic black or white shade are always a fail-safe option. Or you could bring in two trends at once with brass or copper pendant lights, just like below.


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