Wish List: Bedroom Bliss

muted-bedroomTransform your bedroom into a sanctuary, with soft mood lighting, luxurious textured layers and quality bed linen. Bernie shares her favourite bedroom accessories.

Wish List

  1. Create a tranquil ambience with a little mood lighting. Bernie suggests installing a dimmer light, burning some scented candles or treating yourself to a stylish new floor or table lamp.
  2. Adorn your bed with throw rugs in luxurious textures and piles of interesting cushions – you won’t be able to resist diving in!
  3. If your bedroom has a neutral colour scheme, invest in a statement piece of furniture to add impact. Alternatively hang a gilded mirror on a dark feature wall for a touch of drama.
  4. Create a beautiful focal point in your bedroom with an upholstered, patterned or textured headboard; it will look striking against a solid painted wall.
  5. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been guilty of hitting the snooze button a few times before hopping out of bed. Make the most of every minute between the sheets with quality bed linen.

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