Wish List: Contemporary Kitchens

KitchenIt is true what they say the party always ends up in the kitchen, so this space should be both functional and stylish. This month Bernie shares five design elements to consider when creating the ultimate contemporary kitchen.

  1. In modern kitchens you will find zones. Dedicated work/task areas for culinary activities, along with spaces for dining, entertaining and relaxing with friends/family.
  2. Lighting plays an important role in the creation of a stylish and practical kitchen. The primary goal is to construct a well lit work environment. However the room should combine multiple layers of light to create ambience, as kitchens often turn from work to entertaining spaces. From track and plinth lighting, spotlights, pendants and floor-set LED lights, the combinations are endless!
  3. Create a social hub with an island! It’s a place in the kitchen where you can chatter away with friends while noshing up a scrumptious meal, or keep an eye on the children’s homework. Checkout actress, Julianne Moore’s gorgeous kitchen island in her New York pad!
  4. Invest in stylish and durable bench-top finishes such as granite and stone.
  5. Incorporate a sophisticated bar area, with wine chillers and quality built-in coffee systems.

Julianne Moore

Favourite Celebrity Kitchen…

Actress, Julianne Moore’s New York home features the ultimate contemporary kitchen. Chic and functional, it is the perfect environment to whip up a gourmet meal, enjoy a glass of wine with friends and finish off school projects with the kids.