Wish List – Creative Children’s Bedrooms

Children's BedroomIt is important to keep the ‘fun’ in functional when designing a child’s bedroom. As kids grow their tastes change, so Bernie recommends creating a space that can evolve with them.  Whether your child’s room is big or small, shared or solo, jazz it up with some creative ideas.

  1. Keep the majority of the walls the one colour and create a feature wall which can be easily updated to complement the changing tastes of your child as he/she grows. Choose creative wallpaper or bright colours. We particularly love this wallpaper which kids can draw on to make their own art. It is a great way to let them express themselves and personalise their space. Also check out the fabulous wall brooches for the young ones – very sweet!
  2. Incorporate furniture that encourages kids to use their imagination like this chalkboard table. The heavy durable service is very easy to keep clean and the table will keep the kids entertained for hours. You may just have a budding artist on your hands.
  3. Keep floor coverings neutral and give them a lift with a colourful rug which can again be easily changed. This hopscotch rug is perfect for tiny tots.
  4. Use fabulous frames to surround posters or your child’s artwork and consider corkboards, that way images can be updated whenever your child’s interests change and it will help minimise damage to walls. We love the idea of framing wallpaper which your kids can draw their own art onto.
  5. Plenty of storage is the secret to keeping a room in control. At every age children have clutter. Consider slide out draws that are on wheels and can easily be moved in and out from under the bed – perfect for storing shoes or tennis rackets etc. Teenage bedrooms often become a place to hang out with their mates. Look at how to incorporate a TV, computer, game consoles, sound systems etc. A floating shelf on a wall is an effective way of adding extra storage without taking up floor space.