Your Ferrari Interiors Father’s Day shopping guide

While we know presents aren’t the only way to show our love and appreciation for someone, sometimes it can be fun to buy something special for those important people in our life. If that’s what you’re planning to do this Father’s Day, we’ve gathered our favourite pieces that we think dads of all ages will love. Take a look…
This round, leather ‘easy ottoman’ is from designer Jason Grant’s company MJG. Made from 100% leather, it’s the perfect addition to the living room, bedroom or office. Use it as an extra seat, a table or simply for decoration. $449.00 from here.

round-leather-easy-ottoman (1)

Ninnho designs are inspired by the iridescence and illumination found in nature. Their ‘watermark’ bath towel is designed in Melbourne by artist Antoinette Ferwerda and woven in Europe using the finest quality yarns and techniques. We think this towel is stylish enough to take to the beach too! $79.00 from here.


Created by artist Lucas Grogan, this ‘Dome Maple Rain Umbrella’ by Basil Bangs features his signature blue and white palette in a geometric pattern, reminiscent of mandala prints, Moorish patterns and tribal motifs. We like the classic black exterior with the fun pattern on the inside. $149 from here.


Plyroom’s ‘Oh’ side table exudes simplicity and calm.  The curved openings reveal spacious compartments, while hidden castors make it easy to move and versatile. Designed to meet various functional needs, this piece could be used as a bedside table, next to the couch, or in the office. $625.00 from here.

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The Memobottle™ brand produces reusable BPA-free plastic ‘flat’ bottles that are ideal for travelling as they tuck neatly into a suitcase or bag. Co-founders Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt grew up together in a small coastal town south of Melbourne, Australia, and hated seeing how much waste was generated from plastic bottles – so they created this solution. From $34.95 here.

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